Interview with Alex Terzariol

Internationally renowned designer and member of the ADI Executive Committee, Alex Terzariol is Creative Director of MM Design, an industrial design studio with offices in Bolzano, Milan and São Paulo. The study has been awarded several times with different selections: ADI Index, Red dot, IF and Innovation Award of the President of the Republic. With the designer Alex Terzariol we retraced the hot topics of design and Made in Italy, seen with the very special eyes of an ambassador of Italian design.


How was the collaboration with Bertazzoni born and what are the values ​​that unite you?

MM Design has always worked in the household appliance sector and developed from the beginning special projects.

This experience allowed us to be chosen by a company as unique and particular as Bertazzoni that makes the Made in Italy its point of pride It’s a very important experience for us.


What is the strength of Made in Italy, seen by an ambassador of Italian design?

As a designer and owner of a study like MM Design I can say it is a great satisfaction to bring around the world the Italian knowledge. That is the knowledge to interpret objects and products with a special approach that does not stop at formal solution, but investigates the areas of every aspect of the product, innovating it and making it part of a narrative.  

Abroad companies, but not only, see Italian design with an extra gear.

In the more institutional role of delegate to the International Activities of ADI, the Italian Industrial Design Association I was able to perceive from the world of institutions and the economy in general how Italian design is a winning factor in a lifestyle that is admired by more parts.


What are the 2019 design trends?

There are various strands that are emerging more and more. I believe that in an increasingly moving society like ours it will be increasingly important to intercept the new needs of people who are constantly moving and need products and solutions suited to this modern nomadism. In many products, artificial intelligence is replacing certain functions and therefore a redesign of the coming products will become a source of services. In our design studio we are designing products and services increasingly centered on the person and his needs.


How important is it to combine design and quality in an appliance?

Good design is quality at the same time. Quality to be touched and perceived, such as the opening of an oven door, which, if studied well, allows a very positive feeling on the product.

In every product the good design is then noticed in the details, in the shape passages, in the way of joining the materials together, in the ability to play with colors and surface finishes, in the couplings between parts of covering.

Quality and innovation must be a constant push in the search for an improvement also in the production processes aimed at covering unexplored roads. The appliance is part of the furnishing of a kitchen and sometimes it is the dominator. This is why it can not be limited to fulfilling its function, but must be able to become an element of characterization with its presence.


The Bertazzoni brand combines craftsmanship with the excellence of industrial production. What were you inspired by the design of the new built-in ovens?

The Bertazzoni project was really challenging: to create aesthetic diversifications starting from the same heart.

Bertazzoni is a brand of Made in Italy and combines this quality with its cooking specialization, since it’s geographically inserted in the Emilia Valley Food Valley. It’s an authentic and extremely historic brand, sinking its roots at the beginning of the last century: a perfect occasion to combine craftsmanship and performance.

In the case of the built-in ovens line designed for Bertazzoni, we took care of developing shapes, choosing materials, inserting colors and finishes that could make the end customer perceive a product designed for him and, thanks to the attention to detail, make the oven an almost unique piece. That's why three different commercial proposals were born: Professional dedicated to who is a cooking expert, Modern designed for trendy kitchens and finally Heritage that recalls the historical brand Bertazzoni reinterpreting it with stylistic elements that refer to the origins, with a research work of details operated at the company museum.

Passion, creativity, quality and innovation are the basic ingredients to create products of excellence.

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