Whistleblowing - Bertazzoni SPA

At Bertazzoni, we are committed to ensuring an ethical, transparent, and compliant work environment in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.


In line with this commitment, Bertazzoni SPA communicates its compliance with the whistleblowing system, known as "Whistleblowing."


Whistleblowing is an important tool that allows anyone, both inside and outside the company, to report concerns related to unethical or illegal behavior without fear of retaliation. This reporting system ensures the confidentiality and protection of the whistleblower's identity, enabling them to act responsibly and without fear.


At Bertazzoni SPA, we recognize the importance of promoting a safe, respectful, and best-practice-compliant work environment. Whistleblowing helps us promptly identify any violations of the company's ethics, regulations, or core values, allowing us to take appropriate corrective measures.

If you have information or concerns related to unethical or illegal behavior within the Bertazzoni SPA group, we encourage you to use our whistleblowing reporting system.


You can do so confidentially and securely at this link ->, knowing that your identity will be protected, and your reports will be treated with the utmost seriousness.


Compliance with whistleblowing is a demonstration of our commitment to integrity, responsibility, and ethics in business. We will continue to work diligently to maintain and enhance our corporate culture based on these fundamental principles.


Code of Ethics